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"But I’ve changed… because of you, because of being here."

Allan + choices made in the penultimate episode of each season

Awesome observation.


You know what my favorite thing about this screencap is, even more than Allan’s beatific smile?
Djaq’s trousers has POCKETS!



You know what my favorite thing about this screencap is, even more than Allan’s beatific smile?

Djaq’s trousers has POCKETS!


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Guy | Marian
ladykate63 ladykate63 Said:


  • who is more dominant in the bedroom?: Gisborne. He’s wants this for so long.
  • who complains the most?: Marian, because that’s what she does.
  • who’s the laziest?: Gisborne.
  • who wakes up the earliest?: Marian. She likes to ride in the morning before he’s awake. Sometimes he wakes up alone.
  • who does the chores around the house?: Gisborne makes Marian do many of the chores, though he does help out here or there.
  • who is the most protective of the other?: Marian, surprisingly, has a very protective touch over Gisborne, despite him being….well him.
  • who gets jealous the easiest?: Gisborne. So easily. Just, so easily. 
  • and a song or group of songs that describes the ship: 505

Nice :) but wait did you say that Gisborne MAKES Marian do chores? Can you imagine anyone making Marian do anything? ;-)

(Also, re question 1, I’ll always believe Guy is a sub at heart ;-) )

Oh and hi fellow Guy/Marian fan I presume :)

I loved her as you loved her! I’ll never ask for your forgiveness. I can’t forgive myself.


I already mentioned this on my other blog, but it’s time to talk about The Crucible in London! I went to the evening performance on 23rd of August which means the end of a two show day for the cast and they must be completely drained by then. The show is exhausting for audience members, I can’t imagine what it must be like to perform. But it was very intense. This is the end-all-be-all production. Anything bright and comforting in the house is covered with musty grey drapes. They’ve done a perfect job of creating an ominous and threatening atmosphere. So before the performance begins, you already feel it.

By the time we went, the show was completely sold out. We bought our tickets back when they were first available and it’s a good thing we did that. Our seats were front row and even though it’s in the round, these seats were nearest to what might be considered the front of the stage. Major exits and entrances (such as the “raising up a whore” line) are delivered right smack in front of where we were.

I think this production captures the mood perfectly. You know the accusations are false and you know that these girls are making this up, but you still feel the presence of evil and an unknown terror all the same. That is still real. You know that people are bringing about these terrifying events themselves; there is noting supernatural about it. But at the same time, every single character seems to be afraid. Perhaps they are not all afraid of the same thing, but everyone is driven by fear. And you feel it in your gut. It was incredible.

The music and the lighting and the set were giving NTL Frankenstein feels as well, I have to admit. And that is never a bad thing.

And if you’re wondering, I didn’t get my program signed. I was ambivalent about doing the stage door because while I did travel all the way from America to see the play, I also felt like it would be an imposition on the cast after a two show day. I half-heartedly hung around just “to see”, but I can’t say I’m disappointed that Richard Armitage didn’t make his way allll the way down the line. It was practically wrapping around the block and the crowd suddenly got a bit too frantic. I already met him. I don’t need to be greedy. But I had a problem with the fans who already got their programs signed, got their pictures and didn’t leave to allow other people a turn. Have some consideration for others, all right? Getting crushed in a crowd of people is not fun. I don’t care what it’s for. So…enough of that, ok?

Thanks so much for sharing this! So disappointed I didn’t get to go… I heard it was awesome!

Everyone can master a grief but he that has it.
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Running of the Baby Goats

You’re kidding…