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Photo session with the participation of the ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre Oksana Skorik

Photo:  Anastasia Torba.

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Robin Hood + tumblr, Part 9

This one is the best.


But hear me out…. A spinoff of BBC Robin Hood based only on Guy of Gisborne.

In case you’ve missed this…

Over a year ago Lynda Bellingham, who played Queen Eleanor in the Season 2 episode “Treasure of the Nation,” was diagnosed with colon cancer. At the time, it was unclear what her prognosis was and Lynda was optimistic about her treatment.

Unfortunately, it looks like her cancer has spread to her lungs and liver to an extent that rules out recovery. The other day, Lynda Bellingham revealed that she has decided to discontinue chemotherapy in order to spend her remaining time comfortably. She is not expected to survive more than a few months.  You can read more in this story on the BBC News site.

She was an awesome incarnation of Queen Eleanor, and will never be forgotten by the fans.

Robin Hood Rewatch: 1x12 The Return of the King

Today is not a good day to die.
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